ICYMI: Watch Activist DeRay McKesson School Stephen Colbert on White Privilege

By Kenrya Rankin Jan 20, 2016

Activist DeRay McKesson was a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Monday (January 18), and he pulled no punches in his discussion of police violence and white privilege. The co-founder of Campaign Zero, which seeks to eliminate police violence against citizens, discussed the backlash to the Black Lives Matter Movement and dismissed the idea that the inherent dangers of policing negate the tragedy of lost lives.

“I think there are many dangerous professions in the country, and the police have the power to kill people and that means that they have a different responsibility and accountability that is not present right now,” McKesson said, while invoking the names of Tamir Rice, Michael Brown and Sandra Bland. “So they kill people and they aren’t accountable for that. We haven’t seen many indictments or convictions across the country, and that just isn’t okay.”

But things got really interesting when Colbert asked for tips on identifying and dismantling his privilege. “I might be the Whitest person you’ve ever met,” Colbert said. “So I might have the most privilege of any White person you’ve ever met.”

Watch the full interview above to see what Colbert learned about using his privilege to be an ally to the movement.