Community Conversations

One seated person looking at a second seated person talking with hand gestures

How Government Levers of Power and “Dirty Work” Can Deliver Lasting Racial Justice Wins

Members of Race Forward’s Government Alliance on Race and Equity (G.A.R.E.) discuss participatory democracy and co-governance: how structures of government are strategically necessary for translating power-building momentums into public policies. Watch now and view transcript

One person watching a second person talking in a green room.

Belonging and Radical Love in the Ballroom Community

Members of the Ballroom community convey stories of security and belonging. Watch now and view transcript

Community Conversations: Beyond the Vote

We gathered a group of brilliant seasoned organizers for a heartfelt conversation on what midterm election results could mean for our communities, and what gives us hope as we continue our fight for a just, multiracial democracy beyond the vote. Watch now and view transcript