Our Journeys

A person with their arms crossed wearing a plaid shirt and glasses in front of images of women's faces.

Finding Purpose and Power Where Darkness Lives: Cheryl Wilkins' Journey Through Incarceration

Cheryl Wilkins, co-founder and co-director at Columbia University’s Center for Justice, talks about her experience as a queer woman inside prison and "walking up" to the systemic reasons for incarceration. Watch now and view transcript

A person with long hair and a black shirt with a flower sitting in a chair facing the camera.

Courage is Contagious: Alejandra Gomez’s Organizing Journey

Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), speaks about how the courage to exercise one’s voice against injustice can encourage others to enact theirs around a shared purpose, which over time can catalyze movement-building momentum that sustains for the long run. Watch now and view transcript

A person wearing a white top and grey vest siting in a chair facing the camera.

Something Miraculous: Sulma Arias Migration Journey

People’s Action Executive Director Sulma Arias shares her immigration story to illustrate how the powers of connection and compassion can create moments of transformation and belonging. Watch now and view transcript