ICYMI: Jasiri X Calls Out ‘The Whitest House’ in Blistering New Song, Music Video

By Sameer Rao May 09, 2018

In his new song, "The Whitest House," Jasiri X takes on the insidious strains of White supremacy encoded within the country’s political and cultural DNA. The Pittsburgh-based MC and racial justice activist posted the music video for the hard-hitting track on May 1. 

The video features black-and-white clips of Jasiri X rapping the song in front of the actual White House, donning a hoodie that reads "got privilege?" The video includes footage of Ta-Nehisi Coates discussing President Donald Trump, White hate group members marching in Charlottesville and Kanye West posing with "The Whitest House’s" current occupant. He ties these visuals together with lyrics that take aim at White supremacy. Here’s the chorus:


Welcome to the Whitest House
rnttSlave souls haunt the halls when the light is out
rnttThey suck the blood of the poor and don’t wipe they mouth
rnttThe last gasp of a world that is dying out

“It took me a long time to write authentically about this current political moment," the rapper explained in an emailed statement. "I wanted to make a statement about the rise of White supremacy, from the White House on down, and what it means and has meant historically for Black, Brown and Indigenous people. When I saw Kanye wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, I felt it was time to tell the real truth about the treatment of oppressed people in this country.”

"The Whitest House" is the first single from Jasiri X’s upcoming album, "The New Nigga."