School is a Battleground: Education as a Contested Site for Multiracial Democracy

Speakers will discuss the political strivings, legacies and present-day urgencies surrounding schools and public education, as understanding its dimensions have become essential components for understanding the organizing efforts and calls to action that center race, power and democracy in the United States today.

  • Host: Dr. Charlene Sinclair (Editor, Colorlines)
  • Presenters: 
    • Dr. James E. Ford (Executive Director, The Center for Racial Equity in Education – CREED, CREED is also the co-anchor for HEAL Together North Carolina; Principal Consultant at Filling the Gap Educational Consultants, LLC)
    • Jennifer Berkshire (Host of the education podcast Have You Heard and the co-author of A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door: the Dismantling of Public Education and the Future of School)
    • Anjene (AJ) Davis (Founder, Low Country Black Parents Association; and H.E.A.L. co-anchor in South Carolina)
    • Yana Batra (Georgia Youth Justice Coalition; which is helping to anchor H.E.A.L. Together’s work in Georgia, as well as anchor H.E.A.L. Together’s Student Power Project)
    • James Haslam (Senior Organizing Director, H.E.A.L. Together, and Senior Fellow at Race Forward )


Join us tonight, June 22nd at 7pm ET

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