Zimmerman Raises 20K in a Day After Judge Says He Was Ready to Jump Bail

Since a Florida judge issued a $1,000,000 bond was made public on July 5, supporters have donated approximately $20,000.

By Jorge Rivas Jul 06, 2012

The judge overseeing George Zimmerman’s murder trial set bail at $1 million on Thursday. And according to Zimmerman’s defense team, they’ve raised more than $20,000 in individual donations to help pay for bail. [The funds came after Zimmerman’s lawyers placed a call to action on Gzlegalcase.com:](http://gzlegalcase.com/index.php/press-releases/34-regarding-the-one-million-dollar-bond-set-for-george-zimmerman) > For those who have given in the past, for those who have thought about giving, for those who feel Mr. Zimmerman was justified in his actions, for those who feel they would do the same if they were in Mr. Zimmerman’s shoes, for those that think Mr. Zimmerman has been treated unfairly by the media, for those who feel Mr. Zimmerman has been falsely accused as a racist, for those who feel this case is an affront to their constitutional rights — now is the time to show your support. [The donations come after a Florida judge said it was entirely reasonable to believe Zimmerman could be making plans to flee:](http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/07/06/155177/george-zimmerman-was-preparing.html) > "Notably, together with the passport, the money only had to be hidden for a short time for him to leave the country if the defendant made a quick decision to flee," Seminole County Circuit Judge Kenneth R. Lester in the 8-page order. "It is entirely reasonable for this court to find that, but for the requirement that he be placed on electronic monitoring, the defendant and his wife would have fled the United States with at least $130,000 of other people’s money." > Frances Robles at [The Miami Herald](http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/07/06/155177/george-zimmerman-was-preparing.html#storylink=cpy) also points out the judge rejected the defense argument that Zimmerman, 28, was young and confused when he [instructed his wife to transfer funds he raised online out of his name](https://colorlines.com/archives/2012/06/george_zimmermans_wife_arrested_charged_with_perjury.html) and allowed her to lie about it under oath at his initial bond hearing. "Trayvon Martin is the only male whose youth is relevant to this case," Lester wrote in the case.