You’ll Love Andrew Salomone’s Meta Bill Cosby Sweater

The artist hopes to one day see Bill Cosby wearing this sweater he knitted--of Bill Cosby wearing a sweater with Bill Cosby wearing a sweater on it.

By Noelle de la Paz Sep 28, 2011

Andrew Salomone has been popping up all over the Internet this past week. Salome, an artist and pop culture fanatic, showed off a few impressive pieces he created using a "hacked" electronic knitting machine.

There’s the break-beat scarf and the clever ski mask, but the Bill Cosby sweater is what stole the show. From Huxtable laughs to racial-debate frowns, Bill Cosby has put an array of expressions on folks’ faces over the years. But today, thanks to Salomone’s "amazing meta Cosby sweater" we really can’t help but smile.

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