You Have Questions? The New LGBT Racial Equity Toolkit Has Answers.

By Terry Keleher Nov 13, 2009

Wouldn’t it be great to have an online source for all kinds of practical and politically insightful information highlighting the critical issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities of color? Now we have one with the recent launch of by the Funders for LGBT Issues. The new site serves as a virtual toolkit chock-full of thoughtful and timely resources, including: • A broad range of perspectives on dozens of issues and topics, from building effective alliances and addressing multiple identities and barriers, to challenging media myths and building power for LGBT youth of color • A state-by-state mapping of where LGBTQ communities of color live, including specific numbers and percentages of LGBTQ Latina/o, Black/African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native/Two Spirit and Arab and Iranian communities • A slideshow on “Understanding the Elements of Structural Inequality” • Case studies on how racial inequalities affect LGBTQ communities of color and a national directory of LGBTQ people of color organizations • Frameworks and guides for grant-making strategies and decisions, a glossary of key concepts and definitions, and a listing of relevant publications and research on how racial, economic and gender disparities affect LGBTQ communities of color This new collection of resources provides a valuable contribution because of its conscious attention to race, its structural and historical analysis of social inequities, and its consideration of the intersecting dynamics of gender, race, economics, sexuality and other important factors. Though this website was developed especially to inform philanthropic efforts and mobilize support for LBGTQ communities of color, there’s a lot here that could benefit the wider community involved in all kinds of social justice efforts. Check out the new site at: