Women Bombard Anti-Choice Governors with Ladyparts Questions

What to do when your governor acts like you can't make decisions about your own body? Agree with them -- over and over and over again!

By Channing Kennedy Mar 21, 2012

Few victories for women’s health have ever happened at the state level, but governors have outdone themselves in recent months — making reproductive rights as inaccessible as possible by mandating invasive procedures, usurping the client-doctor relationship, and cutting funds to both health care and free clinics. So, what to do if you’re a woman (or an ally to women) living in a state that doesn’t trust women with their own bodies? Give them the minute-by-minute updates they obviously want, of course!

At Talking Points Memo, Pema Levy rounds up a multi-state unofficial social media campaign, in which women take to their governor’s Facebook walls to ask every single question that comes into their minds about their gynecological health. (If only they had some expertise about their own bodies, but that’s the government’s job!) The results are angry-feminist comedy gold. A few samples, from the Facebook walls of Bob McDonnell, Rick Perry, Sam Brownback, Tom Corbett, and others: