Why’s This Tex. Man Running Errands in Jailhouse Orange?

By Carla Murphy Apr 21, 2014

A Texas attorney made national headlines this weekend for wearing full prison orange for 40 days and nights (except Sundays). Kent McKeever pulled on the jumpsuit to highlight the legal discrimination faced by men and women after leaving prison. He tells The New York Times:

"I didn’t know what people’s reactions would be. But I knew that I personally needed to experience what it feels like to be rejected and have stigma attached to you. As a white professional male, I’ve never had that experience before."

McKeever, a legal aid lawyer and part-time youth minister, blogged about how his faith and fatherhood set him on this 40-day journey. Learn more at 40 Days in Orange.

What do you think of McKeever’s actions?

(h/t New York Times/Waco Tribune)