White Texas Teens Say Sorry for Lynching Freestyle

By Aura Bogado Apr 17, 2015

Over at Daily Kos, Shaun King writes that two white girls from Texas’ Grapevine High School have apologized for an incendiary, epithet-filled freestyle they put on Soundcloud. In the clip the Grapevine, Tex., students rap about lynching black men. They also rhyme about killing Mexicans and Asians:

In a statement issued to parents via e-mail, Grapevine High School Principal Shannon Tovar explains that the institution has no legal sway over the recording because it wasn’t created during school hours. However, the school is providing counselors to help deal with the repercussions of the racist recording, and it may conduct diversity trainings and bring in guest speakers in the future.

The two unnamed* students who are heard freestyling about racist killing have also issued written letters of apology. Both point out that the recording, which was produced two years ago, was done at a time when they believe social media was nascent. Both also point out that their words do not reflect who they are:

The song does not portray in any way how I actually feel about people. I am a very open-minded person and I enjoy being part of a diverse family and diverse community. I am being raised to be respectful of all people, cultures and differences. My parents want you to know that this incident is not indicative of my true character. Our whole family is embarrassed by this. We are involved members of this community and we want to be positive contributors. My actions did not support our beliefs and I am dealing with that personally, within our family and with my friends and peers.

Writes the other:

Teachers, Parents, and Students who have known me for many years know that this is the furthest representation of my character possible. In my own home, my entire life I have never heard a foul or judgemental [sic] word for another race ever leave my parents’ mouths. I myself have witnessed others spit racial slurs or comments and have been completely dumbfounded to the point of tears. The person I am, the person I will now be remembered as, the person who would do anything to take back the words that have hurt and offended so many has accepted the fact that when people are hurt, they want someone to be held responsible. They need someone punished.

You can read their letters in full at Daily Kos

*Post updated for clarity.