White Folks Step Up to Fight Racism With “US for All of Us”

By Terry Keleher Jan 21, 2010

Over the past several months, a number of white anti-racist activists have been connecting and organizing in new ways to step up their response to heightened racism in the current political context. A Statement of Commitment and Call to Action, titled “Let’s Build a U.S. for All of Us: No Room for Racism,” has already been signed by some 700 people and 75 organizations around the country. According to the network’s Statement of Commitment: “The stresses of financial meltdown, unemployment, environmental crisis, and war make us an easy target for race-based fear-mongering. But this time we will not be fooled and we will not be divided. …Our ability to transform this country into one that truly works for all of us – where we effectively address our serious economic and environmental problems — is made possible only in a racially just society.” This growing network of activists has recently launched a website that includes action ideas and resources. Regularly scheduled national conference calls are being held to build new infrastructure and strategies for supporting coordinated multiracial and anti-racist organizing efforts. Here’s how you can get involved:


  1. Sign onto the Statement at www.usforallofus.org and invite your friends to sign it by sharing the link on your Facebook page, email lists, website and blogs.
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  3. Bring the Statement to organizations you are a part of and ask them to discuss it, endorse it and explore ways to take action.
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  5. Connect with and convene other white allies in your community and coordinate with organizations lead by people of color to engage in ongoing learning and action to advance racial justice.

As right-wing media personalities routinely spout anti-immigrant racism, as Teabaggers mobilize white working class people against progressive policies, as the U.S. government steps up racial profiling in the name of combating terrorism, and as people of color continue to face institutional bias and barriers at every turn, white people need to step up and take a more active and visible role, together with people of color, in insisting that there is “no room for racism.”