We Wear Black for ‘Jena Six’, Justice

By Andre Banks Sep 20, 2007

Andre Banks, like many bloggers and those who are in Jena, LA for the rally today, sees today as the impetus for a change in the way we seek justice everywhere. Get your out your best black jeans and if you’re not already in Jena, prepare for action. As this day has approached, it’s urgency seems to have reached a critical pitch. Much is at stake for Mychal Bell, Carwin Jones, Theodore Shaw, Robert Bailey, Bryant Purvis and their friend, and that intensity has been matched by 260,000 people signing petitions, 10,000 marching on Jena, and thousands more leading their own events from coast to coast. With a vibrant coalition kicked off by Black bloggers and ColorofChange.org gaining broad support from the netroots, and now the civil rights establishment, in just over a month, the success of the campaign makes me cautiously optimistic about the rise of a new model for activism around racial justice. Continue to WriteWhatILike to read more.