Watch Snoop Dogg Guest Star on “The Price is Right’

The Long Beach native raised more than $70,000 for his charity.

By Jorge Rivas Jan 02, 2012

On Monday, rapper Snoop Dogg was a guest on "The Price Is Right" as part of the show’s Celebrity Charity Week. The Long Beach native raised $72,585 for the The Snoop Youth Football League that he said he started to help keep kids away from "all the gang violence and drugs and negativity." "We wanted to put something in the community that would be positive, they could do that could be here 20 years from now. A football league is very productive and its positive and it keeps a lot of kids out of trouble and it shows them how to organize and work together," Snoop Dogg said in a post-show interview. Snoop Dog went on to say that "The Price is Right" was one of his favorite shows to watch as kid when he ditched school.