WATCH: Reza Aslan Explains Why We Need a Muslim ‘Modern Family’

By Kenrya Rankin Jan 04, 2017

Religious scholar, author and television producer Reza Aslan is beyond outspoken when it comes to talking about tolerance in the United States. But the Iranian-American man is tired of talking. In a new video, he breaks down why he thinks it will take pop culture to break through to racists.

“After about 10 years of being cable news’ favorite Muslim, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t think it’s doing any good. Bigotry is not a result of ignorance, it’s a result of fear. And fear is impervious to data, fear is impervious to information” Aslan says in the video, which was posted on Vox today.

He goes on to argue that it will take television shows like “Modern Family” and “Will and Grace” to introduce Americans to the realities of being Muslim in America. “Stories have the power to break through the walls that separate us into different ethnicities, different cultures, different nationalities, different races and different religions, because they hit us at the human level.”

Aslan, who is Muslim, executive produces “The Secret Life of Muslims,” a webseries that explores the lived experiences of American Muslims.

Watch the video below. Do you agree with Aslan? Can exposure cure hate?