WATCH: Redd Foxx’s Story Comes to Life in Upcoming Doc

By Sameer Rao Oct 07, 2016

Trailblazing stand-up comedian and "Sanford and Son" star Redd Foxx influenced a legion of Black comedians with his ribald act and prolific releases. His exceptional story—one that involved rubbing elbows with a pre-fame Malcolm X, Richard Pryor and more—will be illuminated with rare stand-up in a new audio documentary.

"Redd Foxx: We’ve Come to Join You" premieres Tuesday (October 11) on SiriusXM’s The Foxxhole channel (the namesake of Jamie Foxx, who chose his own stage name in tribute to the elder Foxx). The audio documentary, as evidenced in the visual trailer above, features commentary from fellow comedians Paul Mooney ("Chappelle’s Show") and Eddie Griffin ("Undercover Brother"), among many others who were close to Foxx.

The audio documentary premieres on the 25th anniversary of his death from a sudden heart attack—an ironic end considering his penchant for faking heart attacks as a running gag on "Sanford and Son."

(H/t Shadow and Act)