WATCH: New Docuseries Explores Environmental Pain and Resistance in ‘Braddock, PA’

By Sameer Rao Aug 01, 2018

Braddock, like many other cities and boroughs in interior Pennsylvania, once thrived off of a monumental steel industry. But decades of environmental harm and post-industrial decline have left many of Braddock’s predominantly Black residents unemployed, impoverished, living with pollution and suffering from toxic health issues

Despite these issues, many citizens still fight for a more equitable and safer Braddock, a place where gentrification doesn’t equate to progress. Their resistance is highlighted in "Braddock, PA," a new four-part docuseries that premiered online today (August 1).  

The series paints a picture of Braddock residents’ fight against the structural forces that impact their daily lives. The first episode introduces viewers to Braddock’s environmental and economic struggles. The remaining three highlight Black residents’ actions—from urban farming to grassroots organizing—to protect the town. 

Preview this episode on Pennsylvania House of Representatives candidate Summer Lee, whose plans to fight environmental attacks on Braddock residents received an endorsement from the Democratic Socialists of America. The remaining episodes can be seen at