WATCH: Multiracial Americans Address Dislocation, Pride in New Video

By Sameer Rao Oct 06, 2016

As a new video from NBC Asian America demonstrates, many multiracial Americans live with a constant policing of their identities—including within their own families.

"A lot of the racist remarks came from the White side of my family," says Stephen Shaw, a man of mixed Maori and White descent. "Generally the remarks were relating to cannibalism, or [saying] that we’re savages."

Shaw was one of several people in the video who describe the anxieties and discrimination they endure while defining themselves out in the world. Many of the participants also discussed the ways their backgrounds and family lives positively inform their sense of self and often leads them to important realizations. As Kara Turner, a woman of Black and Filipina heritage says in the video, "I really think that ending anti-Blackness should be a top priority for Asian Americans."

Watch the video above.