WATCH: This Hilarious ‘Formation’ Spoof Takes Aim at Anti-Abortion TRAP Laws

By Akiba Solomon Sep 22, 2016

Lady Parts Justice League, a rapid-response comedy production team founded by "Daily Show" co-creator Lizz Winstead, just dropped this "Formation" spoof to highlight how TRAP laws and other anti-abortion regulations affect women’s access to reproductive healthcare in Louisiana. 

The NSFW "In-Formation" was produced by Joyelle Nicole and choreographed by Denae Famada. Jean Grae co-wrote the lyrics and recorded the song. 

"Women—especially WOC—are not strangers to having our bodies and our physical and mental health be subject to laws that rob us of choices," Grae wrote in an email to Colorlines. "Choices, options, information [are] all things that we should know exist and that we have the right to have access to. …While they are the most basic and human statements to make, they are not just being not honored, but taken from us—both systematically and with what one can describe as a great disdain for our human rights." 

Check out the tongue-in-cheek "InFormation" below.