Watch ‘The Hate U Give’ Take On ‘The Talk’

By Sameer Rao Oct 16, 2018

"The Hate U Give" actor Russell Hornsby says that "the talk"—the conversation that many Black parents have with their children about police violence—has followed him throughout his life.

"It’s painful that the talk my father, the talk my uncles gave to me, I still will have to give that to my children when they are of age," he says over a new teaser clip that writer and activist Shaun King tweeted yesterday (October 15).

The video features Hornsby as Maverick Carter, talking to his young children. Hornsby recites sections of the scene and offers his experiences with the talk in tandem with several of his co-stars, including Common and Algee Smith

"The Hate U Give" opens nationwide on Friday (October 19).