WATCH: The Daily Show Breaks Down What Could Get the President to Take Climate Change Seriously

By Yessenia Funes May 04, 2017

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has figured out how to get President Donald Trump to care about climate change.

In yesterday’s (May 3) show, Noah discussed climate change, which he described as the “end of the world.” And even though up to 200,000 people arrived to Washington, D.C. near the White House on April 29 for the People’s Climate March, Noah was sure to note that the president wasn’t even home to see it himself. 

The difference between the People’s Climate March and the March for Science or the Women’s March on Washington is that those marches were to prevent the administration from taking action. Climate change, on the other hand, can’t be stopped at this point; the planet is already experiencing it.

“Climate change isn’t something that could happen,” Noah says. “It’s something that is happening.”

However, communities can prepare for climate change and prevent it from getting worse. Noah’s solution to getting the president on board? His real estate property. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate sits on the coast of Palm Beach, Florida, which is ground zero for rising sea levels and coastal inundation. “[President Trump], you may not care about climate change, but I know you care about women, which is why you’re not going to let climate change kick your ass by flooding your winter wonderland.” Noah joked.

Watch Noah break it down in the video above.