WATCH This Animated Short on Wendell Scott, First Black Driver in the NASCAR Hall of Fame

By Sameer Rao Feb 01, 2016

NASCAR probably isn’t your first choice for "sport that’s most accepting of people of color," but the sport’s history does include some barrier-breaking pioneers. Wendell Scott, who became the first Black driver inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2015, is the subject of StoryCorps‘ new animated short. 

The short features narration from his son Frank in conversation with his son, Warrick, who recall Scott’s tenacity and skill in driving though the ’60s and ’70s despite lack of sponsorships and racist treatment from racing officials. In one story, he describes an unacknowledged win: 

I can remember him racing in Jacksonville, and he beat them all, but they wouldn’t drop the checkered flag. And then, when they did drop the checkered flag, then my father was in third place. One of the main reasons that they gave was, there was a White beauty queen, and they always kissed the driver. He finally got the money, but of course, the trophy was gone, the fans were gone, the beauty queens were gone. 

Check out the video above.