WATCH: Advancing Reproductive Justice in the Age of Trump, Part 2 [VIDEO]

By Akiba Solomon Jul 25, 2019

As the nation faces attacks from conservative politicians who seek to roll back access to reproductive health care, queer, transgender and nonbinary activists of color in the South are fighting back daily. In part two of “Reproductive Justice in the Age of Trump,” Eshe Shukura—Georgia State Organizer at URGE—talks to Colorlines about the importance of modernizing discussions about abortion and birth control access to include trans and nonbinary people.

Shukura, who identifies as gender non-binary, also explains their take on the meaning of reproductive justice: “When we think about reproductive justice it’s really about the community aspect. It’s about [how] people have access to abortions. It’s about what kinds of birth controls are being marketed to my communities.”

Watch part one of “Reproductive Justice in the Age of Trump” with Alabama-based organizer Shante Wolfe-Sisson. 

Producer: Tiye Rose

Videographer: Katherine Brennan

Original Music: DJ Liftoff