Ward Connerly Takes on Nebraska, Two New Books Focus on People of Color Issues

By The News Feb 27, 2008

NYC gives $21 million to Black, Latino Parks Employees New York City has come to a settlement of $21 million to be paid to 3,500 Black and Latino workers at the Department of Parks and Recreation, 11 whom filed a lawsuit against the city for receiving lower pay due to discrimination that took place between 1997 and 2004. Newsday. Doctor’s Book Helps Women of Color Fight Heart Disease Black and Latina women are 69% more likely to develop heart disease, due to “higher rates of hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and physical activity.” For these reasons, Jennifer Mieres, a cardiologist at New York University, has written a book to encourage women of color to engage in more healthy lifestyles. Arizona Republic. Geraldo Rivera Writes About Hispanics in America Journalist Geraldo Riveras has just come out with His Panic: Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S. focusing on illegal immigration and the growth of Hispanics in the U.S. An excerpt of the book, which mentions the struggle of his own parents, can be found at ABCNews.com. ABC News. Petition Hopes To Dismantle Affirmative Action Ward Connerly has taken the lead in developing a petition that would amend the language of the Nebraska constitution, which critics argue would place a ban on affirmative action. The petition, which requires 115,000 in order to get on the November ballot, would have negative consequences for University of Nebraska affirmative action programs. KETV.com.