Walmart Worker Strike Spreads to Maryland, Texas

Workers say even Walmart's intimidation tactics won't keep them silent.

By Julianne Hing Oct 09, 2012

Walmart workers are not done striking. Today in just the second time in Walmart history, the mega retailer’s workers are walking out of work to protest their treatment on the job, [Salon]( reported. In Laurel, Maryland and Dallas, Texas, Walmart workers are following up on a worker walkout that took place last Thursday, when Los Angeles area workers took to the streets to protest what they say are Walmart’s intimidation tactics blocking their organizing efforts. Walmart workers are shining a light on their plight ahead of the company’s annual investor meeting tomorrow in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart wages aren’t enough to cover the basics like rent, or health care premiums, or even lunch, workers say, and some have been forced to turn to public assistance to make ends meet. From [Salon]( > "A lot of associates, we have to use somewhat of a buddy system," Dallas worker Colby Harris said last night. "We loan each other money during non-paycheck weeks just to make it through to the next week when we get paid. Because we don’t have enough money after paying bills to even eat lunch." Harris, who’s now on strike, said that after three years at Walmart, he makes $8.90 an hour in the produce department, and workers at his store have faced "constant retaliation" for speaking up.