Walmart Employees Stage Nationwide Protest

Demonstrations in protest of low wages and employee terminations are expected in 15 cities nationwide.

By Von Diaz Sep 05, 2013

Walmart employees nationwide are expected to join demonstrations today in downtown Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and 13 other U.S. cities in protest of continued low wages and employee terminations. Organized by the union-backed group Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart), the demonstrations come after Walmart failed to address the group’s Labor Day deadline to make a public commitment to a $25,000 minimum annual salary for full-time employees, and reinstating employees who were recently fired after going on strike. 

Walmart employees have been involved in multiple demonstrations since November, including a walkout in June and organized civil disobedience at the store’s Washington D.C. headquarters in August.  At least 20 employees have been fired and 80 more have received disciplinary actions. OUR Walmart organizers have also aligned with recent fast food worker strikes against low wages.