Walgreen’s Settles Suit for $24 Million; South African Co. Pays Reparations

By The News Mar 26, 2008

Black and Latino Construction Workers Build Alliance In the face of divide and conquer tactics, some of San Francisco’s Black and Latino construction workers have banded together to sue their management company, who they allege skipped over Black carpenters to hire undocumented Latinos because they could be more easily exploited. San Francisco Weekly. Baltimore Group Finds Way to Fight Foreclosures The Belair-Edison Neighborhood Initiative in Baltimore works "with other housing organizations and using public records, the agency began to identify and contact residents with high-interest or adjustable-rate mortgages, offering free counseling and access to low-cost alternatives." New York Times. 10,000 Black Walgreen’s Workers Settle Suit A judge recently agreed to Walgreen plan to settle a discrimination suit by paying $24 million to split by about 10,000 past and present Walgreen employees. MSNBC. South African Oil Co. Gives 3.2 Billion to Black Investors In attempts to comply with South Africa’s post-apartheid redistribution efforts, Sasol, a petroleum producer, will give $3.2 Billion (10% stake in the company) to a group of Black investors. Forbes.