VIDEO: Women of Color Set Their Focus on Voting Rights at Women’s March Anniversary Events

By Tiye Rose Jan 25, 2018

A year after the inaugural Women’s March, millions of protestors gathered in cities around the world to protest the Trump presidency, misogyny and racism. With an eye to the 2018 midterm elections, organizers used the anniversary to kick off "Power to the Polls," a national voter registration and get-out-the vote effort that will target swing states. Organizers also urged women and progressives to run for office. Colorlines spoke to demonstrators of color who attended marches in Las Vegas and New York City over the weekend (January 20 and 21). In the video above, they discuss the importance of voter engagement and combating voter suppression techniques that keep many people of color from participating in elections.

Producer: Tiye Rose
Producer: Catherine Lizette Gonzalez
New York Videographer: Tiye Rose

Las Vegas Videographer: Trevor Carr