Video: Aziz Ansari Talks ‘Modern Romance’ on The Daily Show

By Sameer Rao Jun 17, 2015

Add "author" to Aziz Ansari’s resume. The ever-popular stand-up comic and star of shows like "Parks and Recreation" and "Human Giant" stopped by The Daily Show last night and chatted with Jon Stewart about Modern Romance, his first book. Co-authored with sociologist Eric Klinenberg, the totality of the new book—in which Ansari and Klinenberg mix comic prose with data-heavy examinations of contemporary dating in locales as varied as Wichita and Buenos Aires—to get at the heart of why so many people are romantically frustrated in an era with more access to options than ever. 

The depth of Ansari’s project floored Stewart, who seemed shocked (if facetiously) that a comedian would take on an endeavor this grand: 

Stewart: You know this about comedians and books, right? It’s a cash grab, you’re supposed to write your act down-

Ansari: Yeah.

Stewart: -and cash two checks. 

Ansari: Yeah.

Stewart: This is a real book.  

Ansari: (laughs) Yeah. I worked hard on it. 

Stewart: Yeah, what the fuck? 

Modern Romance is now available on Amazon and bookshelves across the country.