Van Jones Special to Investigate 2016 Election’s ‘Messy Truth’

By Sameer Rao Dec 02, 2016

Activist and political commentator Van Jones will host a live one-hour special that seeks to interpret the intersecting beliefs and tensions behind President-elect Donald Trump‘s victory

"The Messy Truth" will air on CNN on December 6 at 9 p.m. ET—exactly four weeks after the presidential election. The live special shares its name with Jones’ CNN web series, for which he spoke with Trump supporters in swing states immediately before the election. Like the digital series, the live special will investigate the personal decisions that grounded millions of voters’ decision to vote for Trump.

Jones will field audience questions and moderate discussions with guests including previous Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, filmmaker Michael Moore and Republican strategist Ana Navarro. The special will also feature Jones’ post-election interviews with Trump supporters.