U.S. Planning New Round of Deportation Raids

By Sameer Rao May 13, 2016

Reuters, citing anonymous sources and an internal document, reported yesterday (May 12) immigration agencies’ plans for raids targeting undocumented Central American women and children. 

The raids, based on Reuters’ description of the memo it reviewed, echo similar campaigns throughout the South in early January that left 121 people in detention. The document suggests that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) "has now told field offices nationwide to launch a 30-day ‘surge’ of arrests focused on mothers and children who have already been told to leave the United States," says Reuters.

An ICE spokesperson told Reuters that the agency won’t "confirm or deny the existence of specific ongoing or future law enforcement actions." 

"Instead of addressing the terror and civil rights violations the New Year’s raids caused, [the Department of Homeland Security] is spreading them. The raids show how much of what Donald Trump promises is already occurring under this Administration," said Tania Unzueta, Legal and Policy Director for organizing collective Mijente, in an e-mail to Colorlines. 

We also wish to note that Reuters’ report uses the word "illegal" to describe undocumented immigrants—a policy that Colorlines and its parent organization Race Forward combat

(H/t The Washington Post)