UPDATE: Undocumented Dream Act Students Handed Over to ICE

By Seth Freed Wessler May 19, 2010

UPDATE 1:35PM ET: After their arrest and subsequent apprehension by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) yesterday, the three undocumented students who staged a sit-in in Sen. John McCain’s office on Monday were released from custody. The students will still face deportation proceedings and will be expected to appear before an immigration judge. One of the three students, Mohammad Abdollahi, told reporters, "We are relieved to be released from ICE; however, our hearts go out to all of the DREAM beneficiaries we made while we were being detained, all of whom were deported because they did not have the same support we did. We ask that leaders within both the Senate and our communities take the same stand we did and push for the DREAM Act to become a reality this year." …………………………………………………………… The three undocumented students who staged a Monday sit-in in Sen. John McCain’s Tucson office were handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) yesterday. The young activists, who are part of a movement to pass the Dream Act, will now face deportation proceedings. Raul Alcaraz, a fourth protester who was also arrested on Tuesday but who has documented status, said his co-protesters had been told they would not be handed over to ICE. He said, however, that ICE officials entered the jail dressed in unmarked clothes and took custody of the three undocumented students. Walking out of the court building yesterday morning, a legal observer identified as William Walker, said that the judge ordered the group released because they were of such low risk of fleeing. At the time, said Walker, "ICE had the opportunity to place holds on these people prior to this proceeding and they have chosen not to… At this point there are no immigration proceedings against these people and ICE has not placed a hold on them." But later that day, ICE officers entered the jail and detained the three students.