Update: Resistance to Race-Baiting Chicago Billboard

More on the folks behind the racist danger womb billboards and a little something about Chicago's reaction

By Akiba Solomon Apr 04, 2011

A couple more bits about Life Always and the abortion-as-black-genocide billboards featuring President Obama and the line, "Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted."

A White Man is Behind "Black" Life Always:

At the Daily Beast, Michelle Goldberg points out the connection between "black" Life Always and Brian Follett, a white conservative from Austin, TX, who helped lock in George W. Bush’s second term with a $40,000 donation to the infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth:

"The website of Life Always lists its founder as a Texas African-American pastor named Stephen Broden. … But dig a little deeper, and it’s clear that the man behind Life Always is Brian Follett, a white conservative activist from Austin, Texas. Follett was a major backer of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, donating more than $40,000 to the famous smear campaign. A passionate foe of abortion, in 2004 he founded a group called Majella Cares Outreach, with the goal of "reducing abortion through mass media education," according to its website. In 2009, Majella rebranded itself as Heroic Media and expanded into Chicago and then into Florida. Life Always is simply a front for Heroic Media–Texas state records list Follett as Life Always’ registered agent, and both organizations have the same official address in Austin."

About the Black Man Who Fronts Life Always:

Due to space constraints and exhaustion, I haven’t gone into detail about Stephen Broden, the black Texas pastor who reps Life Always. So you have it in on place: Broden is indeed black. He is a pastor, of Fair Park Friendship Center in Dallas. What I didn’t mention: He was the Sarah Palin-endorsed Republican candidate for Texas’s 30th Congressional District. During that race, coverage centered on incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson’s CBC scholarship nepotism–until Broden went on the local news and insinuated armed revolution against the Obama administration:

"Our nation was founded on violence; the option is on the table," he said. "I don’t think that we should ever remove anything from the table as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms." "We have a right to get rid of that government and to get rid of it by any means necessary," Broden added.

Not sure what was in Broden’s tea that day. But appropriating "by any means necessary"–a phrase synonymous with Malcolm X, a real black freedom fighter–was as silly and twisted as, say, using the son of a white woman on a billboard designed to brand black women as murderers, race traitors and dupes of white feminists. Bonus hypocrisy: In the October 2010 interview linked above, Broden suggests taking up arms against the first black president. In March 2011, after losing his election by a whopping 54 points, Broden’s backing billboards that champion future Obamas. Huh?

Local Resistance to This Foolishness:

At last week’s Life Always press conference, which unveiled the boards facing a vacant lot on 58th and State Street, Gaylon Alcaraz, executive director of the Chicago Abortion Fund, took the group to task for parachuting into her community for headlines at the expense of black women. Watch the clip to see other members of the opposition get crunk, in a good way.

And Colorlines reader Lauren Higbee sent us the photo above. At the time that she took it, two of the boards were covered by signs that say, "Abort Racism" and "In 21 Minutes This Sign Should Be Gone." For the record, I don’t endorse vandalism. Creative dissent on the other hand…