Update: George Zimmerman Released Without Charges

Shellie Zimmerman retracted statements made yesterday on a call to 911, saying she never saw a gun, and will not press charges.

By Von Diaz Sep 10, 2013

We reported yesterday that George Zimmerman was in "investigative custody" based on a 911 call placed by his wife, Shellie. She accused Zimmerman of punching her father in the nose and threatening them both with a gun, saying in the 911 call that she was afraid Zimmerman was going to shoot them. 

He has since been released from custody, and his wife has retracted her statements, saying she didn’t actually see a gun. Neither she nor her father are pressing charges against ZImmerman. His lawyer Mark O’Mara told reporters he believed the incident was a case of heightened emotions typical of divorce proceedings, also saying "There may have been some pushing and touching. That happens a lot in divorce situations …" O’Mara also said it was likely Zimmerman was armed, but that he never drew his weapon.