Univision’s Jorge Ramos Asks Obama Why He’s Been Using The “I” Word

By Jorge Rivas Sep 29, 2009

Univision’s Jorge Ramos has been one of the only journalist in the U.S. to remind Obama about his promises of comprehensive immigration reform in the first year of his presidency. Last week, when Obama was running through the major network circuit discussing healthcare proposals, Ramos went off the beaten path and asked Obama a question we here at RaceWire have also been wondering about: Why is Obama using the term "illegal" now. During the election Obama used the term "undocumented immigrant" but lately he’s adopted the term "illegal immigrants." via Univision Jorge Ramos Now, in your speech to Congress you used the words "illegal immigrants." However, and I remember very clearly, during the campaign you were very careful to use the words "undocumented immigrants". Why the change? You said words matter. Now, why do you choose to use the language that is being used by… President Obama Well, keep in mind… Jorge Ramos …those who criticize immigrants.
President Obama Well, keep in mind what I was addressing. I was addressing misinformation by the other side that was engaging in scare tactics. So I was essentially quoting them. I was saying, "for those of you who are saying that illegal immigrants are going to be covered under this plan," I said that’s not true. Right? So I’m using their language because I was addressing the misinformation that they are providing. And I was speaking directly to an audience, the American people, who because of this misinformation, I think actually were very responding often times in a negative way. Ramo’s question challenged President Obama and he was unable to answer with any valuable insight. Someone has to tell him that if he keeps on using that word, we are never going to get fair immigration reform. Video of the interview in Spanish: