Two Teens Charged With Hate Crime After Threatening Classmate Via Snapchat

By Kenrya Rankin Apr 13, 2016

Two White 16-year-olds from Modesto, California, were arrested on Monday (April 11) for threatening the life of a Black classmate via Snapchat.

The Washington Post reports that the boys posted the 12-second video above, in which they call out their classmate by name while holding a noose around one boy’s neck. One of the teens says, “You must die” before the image switches to someone firing a gun. The teenagers are all students at Central Catholic High School.

The victim’s mother contacted the police last week, after school officials failed to discipline the students. They have been charged with making terrorist threats, criminal conspiracy and committing a hate crime.

Jacq Wilson, the attorney representing the family, said, “He understands the historic significance of the noose and the terror it has caused people throughout history.”

Wilson also provided a statement from the boy: “I know that a noose around someone’s neck is nothing to joke about. I heard my name in the video. The death threat made me afraid because I was singled out. I felt threatened and angry.”