Tweeps Demand GoFundMe Remove Darren Wilson Support Page

By Aura Bogado Aug 22, 2014

In just five days, more than 5,000 people have donated more than $200,000 to GoFundMe’s Support Officer Darren Wilson page. Wilson is the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson nearly two weeks ago. 

Someone with the username "Stand Up" started the fundraiser on Sunday and says "proceeds will be sent directly to Darren Wilson and his family for any financial needs they may have including legal fees." The effort has been wildly successful, and the campaign keeps hiking up its goal–it’s up to $250,000 now.

As a crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe collects five percent of each donation–meaning that at the time of publication, GoFundMe stands to profit $10,924.10, and that number is expected to rise.

Aside from the moral issue attached to profiting off of Michael Brown’s death, critics are pointing out that fundraising supporters have made blatantly racist comments on the site–both are potentially violations of GoFundMe’s own terms, which prohibit "items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime." Wilson’s not been charged with a crime, but if he is, it’s unclear whether raising funds for his legal fees is allowed on the platform. And Wilson supporters on the site have made overtly racist comments, which Twitter users have made clear in their call for GoFundMe to remove the campaign immediately–threatening a boycott if the fundraiser isn’t pulled down.

One supporter refers to Wilson as an "animal control officer," who killed a "criminal thug":

Wilson supporters weigh in on a "failed experiment in diversity" and a lot more:

At least one Wilson supporter impersonates Michael Brown:

One supporter calls himself Jim Crow:

In response, GoFundMe has removed all comments–but not the fundraiser itself:

The Wilson support campaign is set to wrap up in four days.