Training Day Begins in Philadelphia; Latino Organizations Get Out the Vote

By The News Nov 26, 2007

First of "10,000 Men" go out into the field. Last month, more than 11,000 black men gathered in the streets of Philadelphia during the “10,000 Men: A Call to Action” demonstration. The first 100 men that had been mobilized to stand against community violence went out into their neighborhoods and canvassed, distributing information, door-to-door. Philadelphia Inquirer. Ethnic hairstyles in corporate life This coming Tuesday, Glamour magazine will be holding a private panel, “Women, Race, and Beauty,” attempting to address a racist incident that occurred over five months ago. The incident involved white Glamour associate editor Ashley Baker who stated that “Afro-styled hairdos” were “political hairstyle[s that] really have to go.” Newsday. Policy defines trooper role on immigration A Massachusetts State policy was officially released to the press this weekend regarding how the 2,500 State Troopers must approach undocumented immigrants when pulled over. Boston Globe. Guidelines to humanize immigration raids Last week, with the support of Senator Edward Kennedy, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement adopted guidelines regarding the treatment of undocumented immigrants during raids, especially pregnant women. From 2002-2006, work-site raids have increased by 3,100. Los Angeles Times. Groups’ ’08 goal: 1 million new Hispanic voters Several Hispanic organizations are working on a campaign, Ya Es Hora, Ve y Vota! (It’s Time, Go Vote!) to get Latinos politically involved. The campaign includes Mi Familia Vota (branch of SEIU), National Council of La Raza, Univision and several other organizations, who will seek to increase citizenship as part of their strategy. Dallas Morning News.