Top 5 #TwitPicYourReactionsToPresObamasSpeech Tweets

By Sameer Rao Jun 26, 2015

Mere hours after making statements praising the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage, President Obama was in Charleston, delvering the much-awaited eulogy for slain state senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney. Obama delivered what CNN describes as "a touching eulogy, a rousing political speech and a thoughtful meditation on race in America" during his time on stage, ending by leading the room in singing "Amazing Grace." 

The speech inspired praise across social media, leading to the hashtag "#TwitPicYourReactionToPresObamasSpeech" (which seemingly originated from Feminista Jones) taking over Twitter. We rounded up our top five favorite tweets with the hashtag here: 






Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

(H/t Feminista Jones