The Top 5 Bree Newsome Memes

By Sameer Rao Jun 29, 2015

News and footage of activist/artist Bree Newsome‘s famed flagpole-climb and removal of the Stars and Bars at the South Carolina state capitol spread like wildfire over the weekend. The hashtag "#FreeBree" is now drawing attention to Newsome’s subsequent imprisonment, while celebrities including Michael Moore are publicly offering to pay her legal fees. At press time, an Indiegogo campaign that went up on Saturday has raised $114, 655 for legal fees for Newsome, removal participant James Tyson and "the movement for [b]lack lives." And, predictably, Newsome is the subject of some memes and artistic depictions that we’re sure will go viral this week, if they haven’t already. 

So, without further ado, here are our top five Bree Newsome memes:




Vyne by nick pants








And, just for fun, here’s an extra tweet from Ava DuVernay:


This writer would stand behind that film.

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