Today’s Love: Trio of Siblings from Mexico Cover Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Angie, 10, Gustavo, 13, and Abelardo, 15, have taken the internet by storm with their experiment in Dad's music studio.

By Noelle de la Paz Nov 22, 2011

A talented trio of siblings from Mexicali, Baja California have taken the internet by storm with their experiment in Dad’s music studio. Their cover of Adele’s hit "Rolling in the Deep" had over 50,000 hits after just a few days, with the numbers rapidly rising as Angie, 10, Gustavo, 13, and Abelardo, 15 found themselves juggling multiple Skype interviews this past week with various media outlets, including CNN Mexico. Currently, they’ve got over 1.5 million hits and a sizeable Facebook following.

For all their overnight stardom, the siblings were just having fun doing what they enjoy. Their experimental jam sessions evolved into a nicely recorded production by their father that exposed people around the world to Mexico’s most recently discovered young talent.

Angie started singing with her brothers 3 years ago when they invited her to join them. Gustavo started playing drums when he was around that age, and recently picked it up again after a hiatus. Abelardo, the multi-instrumentalist of the group on piano, bass and guitar, has always wanted to be a musician, he told La Crónica.

Their father, Abelardo Vásquez, a music producer, told the interviewers that he wants his kids to lead healthy, well-balanced lives, in which culture, school, sports and music all play a role. Yet although the young musicians were taken by surprise with all the support, their fans are already asking when Los Vázquez Sounds will be coming out with new stuff. For now, they’re just happy to be playing music together, and having lots of fun doing it.

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