Today’s Love is for Stud Magazine Rewriting Gender Norms

Showing love for the world's gender non-conforming females.

By Jamilah King Jan 12, 2011

Haven’t heard of Stud Magazine? You should take a look. Started in 2009, Stud is a Toronto-based quarterly publication that offers a glimpse into the lifestyles and issues that effect non-gender confirming females. It features almost all studs of color, and tackles everything from education and health to the art that’s being produced to challenge mainstream norms of race and gender. But we’re not only fans because they’re helping to redefine gender. With an eye for aesthetics and a fashion section that’s certainly worth a peek, they’re also making it look good. Their blog also features insightful posts on friendship and communication, two topics that show just how profoundly love can play a part in everyday interactions.

And we dig all of it. Between issues, you can find Stud Magazine on Twitter and Facebook.

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