Today’s Love: Martha Stewart Making Pupusas

We don't care much for what Martha thinks, but it means a lot when she puts something on national TV.

By Jorge Rivas Nov 15, 2010

Martha Stewart likes pupusas, y’all.

A pupusa, pronounced "poo-POO-sa" is a traditional Salvadoran dish that dates back almost two thousand years.

While I don’t really care much for what Martha Stewart thinks about my country’s traditional food, I know that it meant a lot for my mom when she saw Martha making pupusas — so much so that she immediately picked up the phone to call her sister to tell her that la Marta Stewart was making pupusas on TV. But the clip below is important to me because my nieces and nephews think pupusas have funny names and refuse to have them packed in their school lunches. Hopefully this is one small step toward them feeling a little more proud now.

I don’t need any validation from Martha Stewart to help me feel proud of anything but I can’t help but smile that the woman had pupusas on her show. But the real smile will come when my nieces and nephews feel proud to take their pupusas out at the lunch table at school. And that is el amor de hoy, to being proud of your heritage– no matter how you get there.

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