Today’s Love: “He’s My Little Brother. If He’s Happy, I’m Happy”

A Seattle boy who wanted to be a princess--and his family said, that's cool.

By Seth Freed Wessler Oct 14, 2010

Here’s today’s moment of love. It’s a 10 minute segment from a Seattle TV show about a little boy named Dyson who likes to wear sequins and heels and whose lovely mother and father are totally cool about it.

Amidst a lot of not so lovely news, particularly a whole lot of tragedy in the lives of queer kids collapsing under the weight of torturous violence and harassment, we found this video circulating on facebook.

You’ve got to watch to the end so you can catch Dyson’s equally cute older brother deliver this line: "I was picking a ninja turtle costume while Dyson was begging to be Cinderella for Halloween…I stood up and said mom just let him be happy, cause he’s my little brother and if he’s happy I’m happy and so is my mom and dad." (Starts with 1:50 left.)

Dyson’s mother Cheryl Kilodavis just authored a book about her son called My Princess Boy, with illustrator Suzanne DeSimone.

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There may be a long road ahead to justice, but surely it begins with everyone doing their best to love themselves and one another.