Today’s Love: 10-Year-Old Brings Mobile Dance Studio to Detroit

Amiya Alexander is a fearless dancer and entrepreneur. And she's barely out of grammar school!

By Julianne Hing Nov 17, 2010

When Detroit’s WJBK profiled Amiya Alexander in 2009, the fearless dancer and entrepreneur was just ten years old. Today she’s all of 12, and still going strong with her one-woman business, Amiya’s Mobile Dance Academy. Alexander started the company in 2008 after she realized that Detroit’s kids often couldn’t afford to pay for expensive dance classes. So she set about fixing that by asking her mom to find her a big bus that they’d strip the seats out of, install a ballet bar in and paint bright pink so they could bring dance classes to kids all over the city.

Today the big pink bus drives around town to offer dance classes designed to be affordable and accessible for Detroit’s families. "As our program progresses the young artists will learn the rich cultural traditions of many dance styles like modern, African, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Jazz, Lyrical, and Salsa," her website says. "Amiya’s Mobile Dance Academy will extend an invitation to children of all nationalities to share/teach their cultures’ style of dance."

She’s been on the Tyra Banks show, and been featured on the Today Show. But Alexander isn’t going to stop with the dance studio on wheels. She wants to become a dancer and obstetrician someday.

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