Tim Kaine Speaks on DAPL: ‘Looking at Route Alternatives Is the Right Thing to Do’

By Yessenia Funes Nov 08, 2016

With the election underway, Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine has taken a stance on the Dakota Access Pipeline. In an interview with Fusion yesterday (November 7), Kaine said that rerouting the pipeline, as President Barack Obama suggested, is the “right thing to do.”

He avoided explicitly answering whether he agreed with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ stance that the pipeline should be stopped, but he addressed the issue, which environmentalists have been waiting for the Democratic campaign to do for months. In the interview, he says he’s optimistic about how the administration handles the project.

#NoDAPL water protectors have made a clear point, however, of emphasizing that empty promises do nothing to alleviate their ongoing struggle. The Sacred Stone Camp Facebook page wrote, “Empty promises of further review ARE a tactic of state repression.”

Furthermore, a post alluding to today’s (November 8) election, reads “I’m with her,” with an arrow pointing to the earth. It is not clear if the movement is endorsing any presidential candidate. In a separate video for Fusion, they address Kaine’s running mate, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the video, Sean Turgen of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe asks Clinton “to examine the history of laws and which ones were just and which ones weren’t.” For many, the handling of treaties has been an injustice, as Colorlines has reported on

Clinton has yet to make a comment on the pipeline.

Find the full interview between Kaine and Fusion here.