Thousands Protest Immigration Policies in Paris; Border Fence Fouls Up Wildlife

By The News Apr 07, 2008

Protests in Paris After Immigrant’s Death Thousands rallied in the streets of Paris to protest French immigration policies after a Malian immigrant jumped to his death trying elude police. Turkish Daily News. Remembering the Riots After King’s Death The Washington Post describes an enraged D.C. that burned for three days following Martin Luther King’s assassination that left 13 dead. The riots led to thousands of injuries and damage in the tens of millions of dollars. Washington Post. Border Fence Will Disrupt Wildlife It seems that human beings aren’t the only concern as the United States government erects a fence along the US-Mexico border. The divider will also damage the Sabal Palm Audubon Center, which houses some of the country’s rarest birds and other wildlife. New York Times. Jesse Jackson Dreams of Black-Brown Coalition Using the 40th anniversary of King’s death to focus attention on America’s growing racial disparities, Jesse Jackson has called for a Black-Brown alliance to honor the assassinated leader’s legacy. Race Fight Roils China, Tibet With a censoring media, many claim young Chinese and Tibetans do not have the whole story. As the Olympics in Beijing approach, the fight is beginning to raise international criticism. Newsweek. Blacks Bear the Brunt of Subprime Mortgage Crisis A new report says the subprime mortgage crisis will cause African-Americans to experience wealth losses of between $72 billion and $93 billion over its duration. For people of color in general, the racial bias of subprime mortgage lenders accounts for nearly double the wealth losses for people of color as for whites. CNRS. Obama on Affirmative Action Even though Barack Obama has never voted on affirmative action policy, he writes that we should consider more than, "race and test scores." "Obama explained that while he supported affirmative action as a policy matter, he recognized it came at a cost and didn’t consider them to be racists for opposing it." Newsweek.