Thousands Flood Phoenix to Protest Arizona’s SB 1070

By Julianne Hing Apr 22, 2010

RaceWire is hearing reports from folks on the ground that thousands of protesters, including waves of students, from all over the state of Arizona have descended upon the state capitol to tell Governor Jan Brewer to veto SB 1070, the state law that would empower police officers to detain anyone who they suspect might be an undocumented immigrant. The House version of the bill passed last week, and activists started mobilizing folks almost immediately. On Monday the Arizona state Senate also passed the bill and it was sent to Gov. Brewer’s office to await her signature or veto. Since then, hundreds of protesters set up camp outside the Capitol building. If passed, the law would make the mere presence of undocumented immigrants in the state a felony, and being caught without proof of legal residence would be considered a misdemeanor. The spontaneous protests and statewide school walkouts were organized by word of mouth. So far there have been no reports of discord or arrests. Groups from all over the southwest are converging near the Capitol building for 24-hour vigils. Early this morning, over 500 people joined together to pray and protest. Advocates are urging folks who are not in Arizona to call Gov. Brewer’s office at (610) 542-4331 or email her at You can also sign an online petition at Brewer is expected to make a decision by this weekend. Update: Click after the jump to see’s video coverage. Past Coverage: [Arizona Legislature Passes Racist Immigration Bill, Advocates Urge Governor’s Veto] [Arizona Activists Step Up the Fight, Urge Gov. Brewer to Stop SB 1070] photo credit: Jennifer Allen, Border Action Network