Tea Party Holds Rally at the Border

$600 million in border enforcement just ain't enough, say organizers.

By Naima Ramos-Chapman Aug 16, 2010

Members of the Tea Party, some with guns in tow, rallied at the border in Hereford, Arizona on Sunday.

According to the New York Times, the rally was for "conservative political candidates and to denounce what they called lax federal enforcement of immigration laws." 

The event came just days after President Obama signed off on $600 million on border militarization on Friday.

Organizers even brought Sheriff Joe Arpaio along to throw out some border solutions. Predictably, he suggested terrible tactics, including a pre-emptive strike to hunt down migrants on the Mexican side of the border before they entered the United States.

Despite the Tea Partiers’ claims that the border is being "invaded" by immigrants, the current administration has upped the ante in funding for border enforcement. As Julianne Hing reported last week:

But we already spend billions every year on interior immigration enforcement and border security. Under President Obama’s watch, the country now employs a record number of Customs and Border Protection officers, and before this recent spate of funding increases, immigration enforcement spending already stood at $11 billion for 2010. It was $8 billion in 2008. This summer, President Obama deployed 1,200 National Guard to patrol the border, and requested another $500 million for ramped up militarization.

Immigration reform will continue to be a hot button issue as elections creep closer, causing politicians on both sides of the aisle to eagerly jump on sensationalist political bandwagons.