Take a Moment This Weekend to Honor an Overlooked Mom’s Love

Do you have an inspiring story about a mother in your life? Share it with us.

By Jamilah King May 06, 2011

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, as Miriam Perez reminded us, young moms don’t often travel the road of parenthood easily. That’s why we’re delighted to hear about the Strong Families Initiative out of Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ). This Mama’s Day, they’re working hard to recognize moms who are often overlooked, including immigrant, young, single and queer mothers. The beautiful video that’s above is just one part of that celebration.

Yvonne Tran, who works for ACRJ, wrote a moving testimonial about her mother on the organization’s website. "I want to honor her work, her love, and her consistent ability to take care of us despite whatever state she’s in," Train writes. "My mom is my life, my love, the inspiration that drives me to do social justice work."

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